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Thursday, September 22, 2011

last home game

Dodgers Lineup
Big Rod2

Madison Bumgarner-10-12 vs. Hiroki Kuroda-12-16

Tonight the Dodgers will play their final home game of 2011. no matter the results, the Dodgers will have a winning record at home.
too bad we couldnt get a win on my birthday last night. we learned that Dana Eveland is not the answer to our 5th starter vacancy. tough start for Dana. I still believe he can still be useful as a spot starter. I hope the Dodgers keep him around.

tonight The Giants who are within 3.5 games of the Wild Card behind Atlanta, will give the ball to Lefty Madison Bumgarner, who has won his last five starts. including a sept .11th win against us.
Bumgarner is 12-12 against the league, and has always pitched well against the Dodgers. 4-1 record and a 2.97 ERA will prove that.

The Dodgers will counter with righty Hiroki Kuroda. the former Japanese league ERA champion was battling a sore neck, but looking to finish the season on a good note. Kuroda is 12-16 this year with a 3.19 ERA. hes always been effective against the Giants too with a 3-3 record and an ERA of about 3.00. with 1 more inning pitched, his 175,000 Dollar option vests. he is a free agent, and this could conceivably be his final start at Dodger stadium. but my bet is he comes back next year. man I hope so. as you know, Kuroda has shown loyalty to the Dodgers, unheard of in this modern age. He invoked his no-trade clause back in July amisdt swirling trade rumors. insisting he only wants to pitch for the Dodgers. our opinion as you know is that by holding onto our core players will allow us to hold onto Dodger tradition as long as we can. Kuroda a man of deep integrity is a big part of this core group that should wear Dodger Blue forever. Let's root Hiroki onto victory in his final home start!

Stacie will be covering two games during the last week. this saturday against San Diego, and the tuesday night game in Arizona. I will be covering the finale on wend. night.
once the season is finished we will have our DBF season in recap, and lots more stuff in the offseason, so stick around!

the Giants have won 9 of their last 10, during their desperate last minute run at the playoffs. Their payoff chances are dwindling away. one more loss could be the dagger in their coffin. wouldnt it be just fitting and wonderful for the Dodgers to be that dagger stabber? The Dodgers will be playing the role of spoiler during their final week.
Lets send these bastards home. The Dodgers need 4 more wins for a winning season, and a win will give the Dodgers a season split with San Francisco. join us afterwards for our postgame recap.

one last note about tonight's game. Tommy Lasorda will be in uniform and in the dugout as a honorary coach. it is also Tommy's Bday today! happy Birthday Tommy! he is 84. it is also "sweet" Lou Johnson's birthday, as he turns 77. wow! lots of birthdays going on!

we will not go gently into that good night. we will fight. we are going to play on. we will protect and serve the citizens of Dodgertown. we will make our final stand. GO BLUE

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