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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dodgers face Jmac in game three

Dodgers Lineup

James Mcdonald-9-9 vs. Ted Lilly-9-14

The Dodgers will face another old friend tonight, as the Dodgers and Pirates do battle in game three at 710.

Former Dodger James Mcdonald, also known as Jmac, will face off against his old club at Chavez Ravine. as you probably remember Jmac is the former Dodger draft pick and minor league pitcher of the year, whom Colletti traded away to the Pirates for a handful of Magic Beans. also included in the trade was minor league OF prospect Andrew Lambo. the Beans we received was the worst relief pitcher in Baseball Octavio Bumtel. Of coarse Bumtel provided us with 18.2 predictably awful innings, before being given away to Colorado. yeah not a good trade. Jmac meanwhile has pitched aright, but has struggled in the second half. he is 9-9 with a 4.09 ERA. for whatever reason Jmac's trouble  inning is the 5th, in that inning he has allowed more runs than in any other.

The Dodgers will counter with Lefty Ted Lilly. The veteran is looking for his 10th win, which will be his 9th straight year of 10 wins. pretty good. however Lilly generally gets sketch around 100 pitches so he has to be watched. He is 6-4 against the Pirates, and 9-14 against the league.

Tony Gwynn Jr. is battling a jammed shoulder. after aggravating it sliding on wend. he had an MRI which revealed no permanent damage. he will be rested for the rest of this series, and its still unknown as to whether he will miss anymore time. lets hope for a quick recovery or Gwynn. we here at DBF are Tony Gwynn fans! Get back soon Gwynn!

The Dodgers staved off wild card elimination last night, but its unlikely they will do it again since one more Atlanta win will mathematically be it for us. regardless the season is winding down, so lets just try and enjoy the games while there still on. The Dodgers have 11 games remaining, and only 5 games at home. the Dodgers need to finish 7-4 to have a winning season.

Tonight's lineup has Fedex making anther start behind the plate. with Sands in left and Rivera in right.

Lets beat the heck out of Jmac! lets clobber him like we would do to a Big Mac hamburger! uhhh ok that that was a lame pun. sorry I got nothing. gets harder to come up with good puns towards the end of the season. anyways, lets just beat the bucs alright? GO BLUE

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