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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rain and Hype doesn't bother Dodgers

Dodgers   7  13 1
Nationals  3 7 0

no win for hype man. I'm so sad
amidst much media hype, Stephen Strasburg made his season debut tonight against the Dodgers at National park in Washington D.C.
Strasburg is the mega-hyped rookie phenom, that made 12 starts last year for Washington, posting a 5-3 record and a 2.91 ERA before succumbing to Tommy John surgery. Strasburg's last start was last August 21.
I must admit the kid lived up to the hype. Strasburg dominated tonight shutting out the Dodgers through 5, making 56 pitches, allowing only 2 hits, and whiffing 5. Strasburg walked none, and was removed before his 60 pitch limit.
despite the hype and the media frenzy, his impressive start meant NOTHING. why? because the Dodgers just waited him out. thats what they do. once Strasburg was removed, the Dodgers rallied to tie, then took the lead off a flurry of wet behind the ear rookie pitchers from the National's bullpen.

Gordon has three hits, Andre Ethier went 2 for 5 driving in four runs, and Big Rod had a big two run double, as the Dodgers beat Washington 7-3 despite a 31 minute rain delay during the 7th inning.
after all was said and done, Washington babied Starasburg along and he ended up with a no-decision, so did his opposing pitcher Ted Lilly, who settled down after early struggles, pitching 5 innings allowing two earned runs, while whiffing 9 Washington Batters. in total 17 Washington batters whiffed off of Dodger pitching tonight, including MSTI's "boy" Mike Morse who whiffed four times.

the game began with Dee Gordon getting another one of his speed induced doubles. his bloop single  turns into two bases. but Loney flies out, Kemp grounds out, and Rivera also flies out completing Strasburg's first inning of work.

Lilly struggled early, he whiffs Desmond to open the inning, but Werthless walks, Zimmerman singles to short, Gordon unable to make a play. big bad Mike Morse, was anything but, whiffing the first of his four times tonight.

mohawked man Jonny Gomes walks to load the bases, but Lilly whiffs Espinosa to get out of the jam.

strasburg continued to dominate,  with plenty of help from the Dodger offense that never bothered to show up until the 6th inning.
the hype man whiffs Ethier and Miles in the second.

Washington would score three runs in the bottom half of the second, off a struggling Ted Lilly. marrero doubles, Ramos doubles him home, giving the Nats a 1-0 lead. Strasburg lays down a sacrifice, and Lilly totally FUBARs the throw, sailing it high and wide, allowing Ramos to score. Desmond's single loads the bases, and Werthless's groundout, allows the third run to score. 3-0 Washington. Lilly recovers to whiff Zimmerman and Morse on some nice off-speed pitches.

move to the top of the 5th. Strasburg in his final inning, gets Miles to fly out, Big Rod to ground out, and Sellers fouls out. at this point I'm hoping maybe the rain will come and save us, but it didn't come until later.

move to the top of the 6th, with both pitchers out of the game, Slaten relieves Strasburg. Carroll batting for Lilly singles. Dee Gordon's infield dribbler, rolls untouched, as the Washington infield had no chance in hell of getting him.
first and second none out. Loney whiffs. bad at bat. brad Peacock is double switched into the game. kemp smashes a one-hopper toward short that Desmond can't handle, as it hops over his glove into left field. Carroll scores, and Gordon goes to second 3-1.
Rivera walks to load the bases. our All-star warrior Andre Ethier knocks a base hit into center field, gordon and kemp score. tie game!
Miles then singles to right which loads the bases again. but Big Rod bounces into an inning ending double play.

awwww what a shame that hypeburg won't get the win. I know Im all broken up about it. (sarcasm)

Guerrier enters in the bottom of the 6th, and whiffs Espinosa and Ramos, but gives up a single to Marrero.  Kuo is then brought in, and easily whiffs Ankiel for the third out.

top of the 7th, with two outs, Gordon singles, and then the rain begins to fall. we go to rain delay.

after a 31 minute rain delay, we resume with a new pitcher. A. Severino? I don't know how to spell or pronounce his first name. well after Gordon steals his 16th base of the year, he whiffs Loney ending the 7th.

Jansen pitches the 7th, and whiffs Desmond. plunks Werthless with a pitch. then proceeds to whiff Zimmerman and Morse. still tied at 3-3.

the Dodgers would take the lead for good in the top of the 8th. Henry Rodriguez on the mound for Washington. Kemp pops out to right. Rivera singles. Gwynn pinch runs for him and steals second.
we've got some speedsters on this team :) Ethier's ground ball fielder's choice can't move Gywnn over, as he's thrown out at third base. bad base running. never try and advance if the ball is hit in front of you, and your on second with first base open.

with ethier on first and two outs, Miles singles. Ethier advances to second. Big Rod follows with a two run double down the left field line putting the Dodgers up 5-3.

Bottom of the 8th. Dougie on the mound. he walks Lombardozzi. theres a wild pitch that advances the runner to second. Espinosa's groundout sends Lombardozzi to third. Marrero's line drive is snared by a leaping Sellers, as he goes up the ladder, making a leaping snow cone catch,  truly saving Dougie and the Dodgers bacon. that ball would have been extra bases for sure. Justin Sellers continues to impress me. Ramos grounds out to end the inning.

top of the 9th, the Dodgers score two more insurance runs. Maya on the mound for the Nats. the hitless wonder velez extends his historic offensive failure grounding out, to go 0 for 32. Gordon grounds out as well, and theres two outs. Loney doubles. Kemp is intentionally walked, which is of coarse predictable.

Gwynn also walks, loading the bases. walkapalooza perhaps? no even better! Ethier doubles into the gap, Loney and Kemp score, but Gwynn is thrown out at the plate for last out. but the Dodgers go into the bottom of the 9th leading 7-3. thats 4 Runs driven in for Ethier.

Bottom of the 9th. Ice Man Guerra into close it.  Ankiel leads off with an infield single, that skips past the mound. Desmond walks, but worthless whiffs. Zimmerman's bloop single moves everyone up 90 feet. with the bases loaded I fear a meltdown regression. not with this Dodger bullpen though. (hawk excepted of coarse. read my previous post for more info on Hawk's struggles.)
Mike Morse and his annoying slow-mo practice swings whiffs. and Brown flies out to Gwynn to end the game. the Dodgers Professional Hype busters get the win :) the Dodger bullpen has been outstanding. what was once a disaster early in the season, has developed into a team strength. their not perfect, but I swear Ill never say anything bad about them again. I swear I won't.

practice swing boy Morse whiffs four times
Tomorrow the Dodgers go for their 70th win of the season. Dana Eveland will take the mound at a 405 start time. lets hope the rain stays away. The Dodgers don't believe in hype. they create their own.
check in with us tomorrow for an interview with a Cardinal blogger special post. tonight's win was most enjoyable, wasn't it Dodger fans? GO BLUE

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