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Friday, September 2, 2011

Loney Professional Chop Stopper deals knockout blow with 3 run double

Dodgers 8 10 1
Braves    6 14 0

when it don't look good in the neighborhood, who you gonna call.......CHOP STOPPERS!
have the Dodgers been toying with us for the first 4 months? its certainly seeming that way.

Loney's three run double puts the Dodgers ahead in the 7th

the Dodgers professional Chop Stoppers, Came from 5 runs down to beat Atlanta to win their 5th game in a row. The Dodgers scored 8 runs off  10 hits, taking the lead for good thanks to a Loney bases clearing three run double. they would need every run to overcome a shaky start by Chad Billingsley

Bills couldn't get out of the 5th inning, but the Dodgers new and improved Offense bailed him out. Kuo came in and pitched two scoreless innings to pick up a win, Matt Kemp threw out a runner at the plate, and Justin Sellers made an amazing double play. the rest of the guys pitched in when and where they could leading the Dodgers to a game 1 win by a score of 8-6.

after the Dodgers go down 123 in the top of the first off of Brandon Beachy, Bills started to have trouble right away. I was very disappointed with Bills tonight.
Bourne lines out to Bison. Miles can't handle Prado's little dribbler. he couldn't get the ball out of his glove.
Mccann walks, but Uggla pops out, and Chipper Jones flies out.

Ethier's walk is erased when Miles lines into a double play.

Bottom of the second, Freeman singles, Heyward whiffs. Freeman advances to second on a wild pitch. Gonzalez walks. Beachy sacrifices the runners to second and third with two outs. Bourne singles to center scoring Freeman. 1-0 Atlanta. Bourne then steals second. he leads the league in stolen bases. Prado's ground ball should have ended the inning, but Gordon bobbles the ball, for an error, Gonzalez scores its 2-0 Atlanta. Mccann's single scores Bourne. now its 3-0. finally Uggla flies out to end the inning.

move to the bottom of the third, Atlanta scores two more runs. the 100 year old Chipper Jones walks. Freeman doubles sending Jones to third. Heyward's groundout scores Jones. 4-0. Beachy singles past the drawn in infield putting the braves ahead 5-0. Gonzalez tries to score, but is thrown out at home on Matt Kemp's National League ;eating 11th assist. Big Rod makes a very good tag, and has to show the ball to the ump.
Bills whiffs Bourne to end the 3rd.

Big Rod's tags is good as Gonzalez is out at the plate
the Offense was gonna have to come up big, and boy did they ever. Gordon leads off the fourth with a single. he steals second for his 14th steal. Loney walks. Kemp is hit by a pitch to load the bases. (don't worry he was ok). Rivera singles up the middle scoring gordon and Loney and the Dodgers chip away a bit, its 5-2. Ethier flies out, and Miles hits into another double play to end the threat. patience Dodger fans.

Bills pitches a scoreless 4th thanks to a double play getting him out of a jam.

the Dodgers go down 123 in the 5th, and Bills runs into issues again in the bottom of the 5th.
he just made too many pitches. Chipper Jones singles, and Donnie pulls him. he brings in Kuo. boy Kuo was really on tonight. he had that Zip on his fastball. he looked like the Kuo of last year, that was all but unhitable.
Freeman flies out. Heyward grounds into a quick double play ending things in the 5th.

top of the 6th. Gordon another single. he steals another base. after Loney flies out, Kemp draws a walk. Rivera's single scores Gordon easily, Kemp goes to second. Kemp then steals third, and old man Chipper just falls over. so Rivera sneaks into second. thanks Chipper!
but Ethier fouls out, and Miles flies out. score 5-3.

Jones falls flat on his back, as Bison steals third.

bottom of the 6th. Gonzalez whiffs. wilson whiffs. Bourne singles, and steals second. then Kuo whiffs Prado. go kuo!

top of the 7th. this is where the Dodgers score five runs. heres how it happened. Vizcaino relieves Beachy after his pitch count had risen too high. Big Rod whiffs to start the inning. but Sellers singles. Gywnn hitting for Kuo, singles Sellers to second. Gordon singles through the whole at first moving everyone up 90 feet. bases loaded. the blazing hot Loney then delivers the knockout punch, a three run bases clearing double that goes down the first base line, just bouncing over the first base bag. everyone scores, and the Dodgers have come from behind to take the lead 6-5! but they wouldn't stop there. Loney goes to third on a wild pitch. Bison is intentionally walked. Rivera walked. Freddy Gonzalez makes a pitching change. they bring in the righty Christian Martinez to pitch to Dre. I'm not sure why they didn't bring in their lefty Venters, but whatever its their funeral. Martinez is also the same guy who gave up one of Kemp's walk-offs earlier in the season. so Andre Ethier a Professional hitter, just goes with the pitch, slapping one into center field for a hit. both Loney and Kemp score, and the Dodgers lead 8-5. Miles walks, but Big Rod's double play ends the inning.

Andre Ethier high fives Davey Lopes
we knew it would be easy holding onto this lead, and it got a bit sketch. Bottom 7th. Elbert in now, he gets Mccann to fly out. uggla singles. Jones walks. Freeman hits a line drive that looked like it was going into center field for a hit. it would have majorly sucked. but Justin Sellers makes a leaping catch and then acrobatically flips to Gordon at second, to get the double play, and the Dodgers get out of it!

move to the bottom of the 8th. Elbert still in. heyward flies out. Donnie brings a hook, and brings in Dougie. praying commences. Gonzalez singles. then pinch hitter Hinske singles. crap. first and second. Bourne grounds into a fielder's choice. the Dodgers are unable to turn two because Sellers slips on the bag. but Prado grounds out meekly and the 8th inning is over.

Guerra saves his 14th
move to the bottom of the 9th. Javy (Ice Man) Guerra into close it. he whiffs Mccann, but that bastard Uggla homers, and its 8-6. Jones walks, and Im a bit worried now. but Freeman whiffs. Heyward grounds out ending the game. the Dodgers have won 5 in a row, and beat one of the best teams in the league on the road. they improve to 67-70.

alright Im going to go celebrate. tomorrows game is at 410 on KCAL. Nathan Eovaldi will make what should be his final start before being moved to the bullpen. he will draw Mike Minor. join us tomorrow as the Blazing hot Dodgers continue their march towards respectability. 14 more wins. each day brings a new hope. together we rise. together we stand. GO BLUE

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