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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dodgers/Giants game three on 9/11

Dodgers Lineup

Hiroki Kuorda-11-15 vs. Madison Bumgarner-10-12

It almost seems silly to be thinking about Baseball on a day such as this, but as James Earl Jones said in Field Of Dreams, Baseball has marked the times, and helped us through our troubled times.

on September 11th 2001 The Dodgers were playing a series in San Diego, and I was ten days shy of turning 21. Ten years later, we reflect and remember the people of 9/11. wherever you are today, I hope you can take a moment of reflection for the heroes and victims. the fireman, and police officers who risked their lives, the rescue workers, the innocent people just trying to go to work caught up in the mayhem. Even the people who were responsible for cleaning up and rebuilding ground zero.

Anyone who has had their family affected, or lost a loved one. we remember and never forget. Take a moment today and tell a loved one that you love them. you just never know........

The Dodgers enter today having won 15 of their last 18 games, and finally at the seemingly magical .500 mark. The Dodgers are no longer a losing team. (72-72). after celebrating last night by knocking back a few cold ones, Im ready to see the Dodgers complete this series with a sweep. this is a getaway day for the Dodgers, as they complete their 10 game 4 city road trip. they'll fly home after the game for the final homsestand of the year, or as we will be calling it, the last stand.

meanwhile our hated rivals are free falling fast. they have lost 8 out of their last 12, and are now 9.5 games behind first place Arizona. It is quite enjoyable watching them fail, last night San Francisco was sad and pathetic. I think the Dodgers should sweep anyways, even with that weaker "getaway day" lineup. I get that some guys have to rest, but do we really have to put Sands in the number two hole? its not going to help him.

The Dodgers will give the ball to Hiroki Kuroda. Kuroda trying to bounce back from a loss last time out against Washington. Kuroda is 11-15 against the league. Kuroda is 3-2 against the Giants, and is looking for his career high 12th win.

The Giants will counter with Lefty Madison Bumgarner. he has pitched very well this year. he is 3-1 vs the Dodgers, and 6-6 at home. he is 10-12 this season with a 3.37 ERA.

If you were wondering what was up with Guerra last night, he was pitching with a cracked fingernail. its from overwork, and him gripping the ball to hard. this happens quite frequently with pitchers. its not serious, and Guerra should be fine, but don't expect him to be pitching tonight. Jansen should close today if needed.

todays game is a 105 start time, televised on Prime Ticket. The Dodgers have won 6 series in a row, for the  first time since 2008. Join us afterwards for our daily game recap.
Lets get the sweep and get back home. after todays game we could officially be above .500. I would have never thought this was possible just a few months ago. its been an incredible turnaround hasn't it Dodger fans? GO BLUE

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