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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

its like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife....Dodgers finally find their knife

Hi all, were back! and no im not describing an alanis morissette concert, im describing the Dodgers outfield situation! couldnt be a more perfect metaphor could it? my kingdom I say! my kingdom for a right handed hitting outfielder! the Dodgers with a plethora of left handed hitting outfielders, have been searching for a rare commodity these days a right handed hitting outielder who kills lefties with power. well today the Dodgers finally found there right handed bat to platoon with Jay Gibbons.

The Dodgers have signed OF and former yankee marcus Thames. according to various sources confirming, however details of the contract have not been released yet. as you well know if you have been reading our blog, I am a big supporter of signing Marcus Thames. I just thought that he was the best available option offensivly since the Dodgers have been looking for a righty to balance out the outfield. it was slim pickens out there in the free agent market, besides Thames only, Lastings Milledge, and Scott Hairston remaining.

Thames has played 9 seasons primarily in the american league as an outfielder. he came up with the yankees in 2002, played a year in texas and then 6 seasons in detroit. he then returned to the yankees for 2010. in 2010 he had one of his best years at the plate, hitting a very productive line of .288/.350/.491 and an .841 OPS, he hit 12 home runs in limited playing time, he has a career .248 avg, and .802 OPS, however he kills lefties hitting .265 with an .838 OPS.  Thames also hit 113 home runs during his career.
The Dodgers also have signed 35 year old outfielder gabe Kapler to a minor league deal. according to reports. Kapler who was a star like a million years ago for texas and detroit, never lived up to full potential, as nagging injuries roadblocked his career and he has only played limited time, or has held bench positions for the last decade. He is clearly cooked but he can still hit lefties pretty decent, .275 avg, and he could be good insurance just in case.
the main argument against Thames is that he is a terrbile outfielder. according to many, one of the worst in baseball. honestly after the nightmare of last season, and the scarcity of ya know runs, I dont give a damm how bad he is defensvily. yeah thats right I said it. im so starved for offense, I litterally dont give a flying how defensivly challenged he is. He could be the second coming younger brother of billy ashley in the outfield and I wouldnt care. well ok maybe thats a bit too far, but you get the idea.
it is still unsure of exactly how the Dodgers will use Thames. most people believe he will be platooning with Gibbons in left, which would be good offensivly, they both should hit 20-25 home runs and drive in around 80-90 runs. he could be a lefty killing masher off the bench as well, as some sources reporting several possible dodger outfield alignments, including one that has Gwynn playing center, ethier being put in left, and Kemp being pushed to right field. regardless of all possibilities, it is clear that the nightmares of last season can never ever again be repeated.

in other wonderful news, congratz to Stacie, as she is expecting her second child. sometimes life finds a way to get in the way during the coarse of a season, so there will understandably be times when she will be unavailable later this season. the baby is due in august. which means Ill be lone soldering it during the pennant race. but hey I get to be an uncle for the second time, and I am very happy about that.

so maybe in about 22 years from now, a strapping young man, and his elderly uncle, and very very very old mother will be at the ravine, watching the Dodgers win the world series...........

theres only 1 month until spring training,  keep watching, as we bring you all the latest Dodgers news! more spring reports, more blue bios, (assuming stacie isnt busy having more babies) as we wait to hear those beautiful words we so long to hear..........ITS TIME FOR DODGER BASBEBALL!

Edit-we still dont know what the sex of the baby is yet, so stay tuned!-also congratz to brother in law Cory, I think he may have had a part in this too

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