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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dodgers part ways with Chin-Lung Hu

two days ago it was announced that the Dodgers Traded infielder and failed prospect Chin-Lung Hu to the Mets, for marginal crap prospect lefty pitcher Micheal Antonini.

Hu signed with the Dodgers in 2003, and was once considered a top prospect. but since then he has fallen out of favor with the Dodgers despite being called up in september over the last few seasons.

Hu put up good numbers in the minors, and at 26 is still young enough to improve. spending most of the 2010 season in the minors he batted a mostly empty .317 in AAA. he batted just .130 during his september callup for the dodgers while battling an injured thumb. he was also the dodgers minor league player of the year in 2007.

as said ealier in one of our previous posts, and originially pointed out by MIke from   that the Dodgers fascination with Juan Castro could cost them Hu, and here we go. now Hu is gone, and its looking likly that the Dodgers could give their last bench spot to Castro, who is in his fourth stint with the Dodgers and 17th season in the majors.
as you well know Castro is one of the worst hitters in baseball history with an absolutly attrocious career .228 avg. it is still unclear as to why the Dodgers have such a fascination with him, a possibility could be that he is just so terrible and so useless, that the dodgers just cant resist such a useless washed up veteran like Castro who is on an auto out level, kind of like a moth to a flame. Castro is so bad, that he will actually make us miss theriot. let me just write this again so you have an idea of just how bad he really is.   Castro is likly to make us miss ryan theriot........ just let that one sink in for a moment.

in other ridiculous news, the Blue Jays have signed ex-Dodger and professional Meatballer octavio Dotel (Bumtel) to a 1yr 3.5 mil dollar deal. this is laughable. Bumtel who was traded to the dodgers at the trading deadline, pitched a terrible 18.2 innings, and blowing several games, including an unfathomable horrible 3 wild pitch 3 walk performance one inning. he was then put on waivers. the Rockies claimed him as the Dodgers just said, here take him please. he was just as useless with the Rockies and is now joining his fourth team in just over a year. the Blue Jays desperate for relief pitching after losing a couple of their solid pitchers to free agency. Dotel is one of the worst relief pitchers in baseball, and like ive said before has no business pitching on any level in any way whatsoever.

Dotel provides zero value to the bullpen

thats all for now. spring training is just around the corner! keep checking in for more dodgers news as we wait to hear those beautiful words we love every year......ITS TIME FOR DODGERS BASEBALL!
until next time Dodgertown.......

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