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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dodgers bring back Dioner Navarro for some reason

as the Dodgers continue their agressive offseason renovations this winter, Ive been generally optimistic. the Dodgers have solidified pitching depth, added a power bat in Uribe, and even got rid of useless players like Theriot, and Sherrill. Ive been generally defending Ned's moves this winter, as hes focused on improved pitching and defense, and marginally improved power. that is until the Dodgers dropped this little nugget on us today.

the dodgers close to agreement with Catcher Dioner Navarro.........

now terms of the contract have not been disclosed yet, but didnt we try this already before?

yes yes yes now I remember. Navarro played for the Dodgers in parts of two seasons from 2005-2006

The right handed hitting catcher (26) was acquired by the Dodgers whil estill in the minor leagues, and recieved limited playing time. he wasnt terrible with the Dodgers the first time, actually he was decent. putting up avgs of .273 and .280 respectivly, with OBPs of .353 and .374.

Navarro bitched his way out of a starting job in Tampa Bay
then he was traded to the rays in mid 06 to make room for Russell Martin.  he had to bad years, before becoming an all-star in 2008. in 08 he batted .295 with an OBP of .349, with 7 home runs and a .717 OPS. then he went on to have two horrendous years in 09 and 10. batting .218 and .194, and having many questions raised about his wieght and conditioning. his tenure with the rays ended badly last year, after he was demoted to the minors, and continued to play poorly after being called back up. Navarro was left off of the playoff roster, and instead of choosing to stay with his team, Navarro chose to act like a whiny little bitch, as he packed up his equipment and left the team. this doesnt give me alot of confindence.

this certainly marks the end of Russell Martin's tenure as a Dodger. he is already talking with other teams, (Yankees red Sox), and has said he would like to play for an east coast team, as he has family in Montreal.
The Dodgers are no longer in communication with him or his agent, according to sources.

I know why the Dodgers did this. they needed a third catcher, and if Big rod or ellis were to get hurt they would be screwed. and since Ellis is the only one that has options to be sent down to AAA, and they cant start the year with three catchers on their roster, someone has to start the year in ALBQ. unfortunatly that is AJ Ellis. Ellis will start the year in AAA, while Big Rod will start 60% of games, as Navarro backs him up. according to reports. this dismays me. I think this is a mistake, as I think Ellis should get a shot to prove himself at the big league level.

The Dodgers are also still looking for a right handed hitting left fielder to possibly platoon with Jay Gibbons.
after Matt Diaz signed with the Pirates, and Jeff Franceour signed with Kansas City, this leaves us with slim pickens in free agent pool. rumors are swirling about the Dodgers signing either Austin Kearns, or Bill Hall.

Hall would be interesting, the former Red Sox, can play 2B, 3b and SS along with LF, and has power, after hitting 18 home runs last year.

we will keep you updated on any and all Breaking Dodgers news. same dodger station, same Dodger time, same dodger channel........

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