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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Goodbye Mr. TOOTBLAN!

The Dodgers announced today that they traded Ryan "TOOTBLAN" Theriot to the St. Louis Cardinals for RHP Blake Hawksworth. Hawksworth is 27, and went 4-8 with a 4.98 ERA for the Cardinals. He pitched 90 1/3 innings with 37 relief appearances and eight starts. Even if the Dodgers had non-tendered Theriot, I would have been just as happy not to see his uselessness next season. But hey, we got a pitcher for him! Hawksworth could be valuable in the bullpen as a long reliever or even a starter in a pinch. We knew the end of the road was coming for Theriot, since Juan Uribe's 3 year $21 million deal was finalized today after he passed his physical. Stay tuned for a more in depth Blue Bio on Uribe later this week! Hawksworth, born in North Vancouver, Canada, has appeared in 75 career games with the Cardinals. He has a 4.07 ERA. Back in 2003 he was named as the Cardinals top prospect. Injuries limited his playing the following years. He made his MLB on June 6, 2009. 

Other rumors swirling include the Dodgers interest in both Johnny Damon and Jason Varitek. I don't like the idea of either. How old are these guys? Oh 37 & thanks! The Dodgers have until Friday to decide the fate of Russell Martin, who is still a week away from running and 6 weeks from resuming baseball activities. The Dodgers are looking at all possible catching options out there. If they decide to part ways with Martin, why not just sign Big Rod? Adding an even older catcher doesn't seem logical. 

I'm very happy that Ned is actually, ya know, making deals and getting rid of the black holes. Last year's nightmare of a season can't be repeated. The Giants won the World Series for God's sake. 

Things are heatin' up! We will keep you posted on any breaking Dodgers news:)

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