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Monday, November 29, 2010

Dodgers ink Juan Uribe to 3yr deal

earlier today it was announced the Dodgers have Signed now former giants infielder Juan Uribe to a 3yr 21 million dollar deal. as the Dodgers continue their aggressive offseason approach.

Uribe is coming off a seaosn where he helped the hated giants to their first ever world series title, as he batted .248, with a .310 OBP,  .749 OPS and 24 home runs 85 RBI.
Uribe is 31 years old and will be 32 next summer. Uribe has played 10 seasons with the rockies, white sox, and now the last two with the giants. he is a career .256 hitter with a .300 OBP and 151 HR.

I first heard of the idea of signing Uribe from another blog site.-

if you havent checked out this site yet you probably should. it has a ton of information on it. mike is a terrific writer and very knowledgeable especially with the advanced stats (sabremetrics). so go check it out and say hi to mike. and go watch the softball episode of the simpsons to learn about why the site has its name.

so MSTI had come up with the idea of signing Uribe. I liked the idea and I will explain why.

first of all there is alot of negative reactions about this signing and I can understand why, but I think alot of them are misplaced. did Ned overpay for Uribe? absolutly of coarse. will the money owed to Uribe hinder the Dodgers from going after an adam Dunn or Adrian Beltre, probably, but then again the Dodgers werent likly to sign those guys anyways.
MSTI's plan called for loney to be traded and the signing of Dunn, while our plan called for keeping loney and signing Beltre for 3B. I would take either player, although I think Beltre is an easier fit. but dont get me wrong here I have no problems with Dunn being in dodger blue. The complaint that the money spent on Uribe is money wasted and could be spent on Dunn or Beltre, I can understand this train of thought. but those guys arent going to sign with the dodgers.

so while all the complaining begins online about how ned overpayed as usual and I dont argue that he didnt, I think alot of people are missing the positives about this signing.

first off the Dodgers are looking for power and Uribe has a lot of it. he hit 24 homeruns last season with 85 RBIs, and hes normally a lock for between 16-20 homeruns per season. plus hes a solid fielder. one of the better defensive infielders in the NL. another plus is he is versatile. he can play second third and short, and can give the Dodgers much needed infield depth. its likly he will be the starting second baseman, and one of the greatest parts about this signing is it brings us another step closer to a world without the completly useless ryan theriot who will now probably be non-tendered later this week.

the bads? well Uribe is terrible at getting on base, career .300 OBP proves this, and his OPS has gone down almost every year except the last two, after he rebounded from three terrible years with the white sox from 2006-2008.

is it too much money for decent power and solid glove? sure probably, but at least its a step in the right direction. and if the Dodgers dont start signing some players with some pop, then all of the pitching in the world wont make much difference, as the dodgers were second to last in home runs in the National League in 2010. at least this is a first step.
im still holding out hope the Dodgers will sign Beltre, but I know its likly to not happen. sigh......a guy can dream right?

on another note, former dodger charlie haeger who was absolutly horrific in 2010 signed with the mariners earlier this week. I cant tell you how happy I am with this. ive made my feelings about how much I dislike heager well known.
hes never been any good ever. look at his numbers, although he did have a decent strech in his first stint with the dodgers about two years ago. still hes always been awful, and I just dont see that ever changing. and with the knuckleball hes even more of a liability. hmmm a 27 year old knuckleballer, who walks the world and cant get anyone out? no thanks......BUH BYE!

today is Vin Scully's birthday! he turns 83, lets all wish him a very happy birthday! we love you Vin, please dont ever leave us....ever!

the hot stove is heating up, im excited to see who the dodgers are gonna pick up next, lets hope its not another retread. until next time dodgertown! GO BLUE!

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