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Friday, November 26, 2010

are the Dodgers reading our blog? Dodgers welcome back old friend

so after last week, when I announced my plan for 2011, with several ideas about which players to sign, one of the ideas I had was to sign Jon Garland as the number 5 starter. well this just in earlier today......

the Dodgers signed Jon Garland to a 1 year deal, with an option for 2012.

no really! its true! the dodgers really did sign garland! "well this shores up a great rotation" Stac said very astutly after hearing about the signing. indeed it does. as I said earlier, the Dodgers needed a solid number 5 starter to round out the rotation. now we wont have to worry, or have to deal with another year of the monasterios/ely/charlie haeger nigthmare again. the rotation is done, and the Dodgers have a very solid one, and can now concentrate on fixing the offense, and getting some bats.

after the Dodgers resigned Kuroda, and signed ted Lilly, it seemed as though Vicente Padilla would be the odd man out, and after this pick up, it will almost be certain now that Padilla will sign with another team. however we will all miss Padilla and his "Soap Bubbles".
the Dodgers could have resigned Padilla, but there looking for someone a little more consistent, and less injury prone, as Padilla has a long list of injuries, and Garland has pitched 200 innings almost every year, and is never hurt. Its no question that when healthy, Padilla is a more effective pitcher, however Garland is more reliable, and more likly to give the Dodgers what they so desperatly need from their back end starters, alot of innings.....lets take a closer look at our old friend Garland........

Jon Garland was drafterd by the Chicago Cubs, in the first round of the 97 draft, or the 10th pick.

Garland has pitched with 5 teams over the last ten years, this being his 12th season coming up. Garland has pitched with the WhiteSox, Angels, Arizona, Padres, and now two stints with the Dodgers.

Garland is 31 years old, and will be 32 next september. he was born in Valencia CA, so he is a local boy.
Garland began his career with the White Sox, and pitched from 2000-2007 with the White Sox, before signing with the Angels.
Garland pitched for one year with the Angels, before going to Arizona in 2009. in late 2009, the Dodgers traded Tony Abreau for Garland. Garland made several solid starts for the Dodgers, going 3-2 with a 2.72 ERA, in 6 games, and a little over 32 IP. Garland was then left off the playoff roster, and eventually signed with the Padres for 2010.
Garland has a 131-114 career record, with a 4.32 ERA. Garland has pitched inover 2000 innings, and pitched 6 shutouts. his best year came in 2005 for the White Sox, when he went 18-10 and a 3.50 ERA in 221 IP. in 2010 he had a similar year for the Padres going 14-12 with a 3.47 ERA in over 200 Innings. Garland has pitched in over 190 innings in 10 of his 11 seasons. and has pitched in over 200 innings in 7 seasons. the Right Hander was an all-star in 2005, and he has won 18 games twice, while having a career 1.380 WHIP.

Garland will make 5 million dollars this season, and can make as much as 8 million with some incentive bonuses next year, which can kick in if he pitches 190 innings or more. and as I pointed out earlier its pretty much a lock he gives you 190 innings. its strange how the Dodgers will resign former pitchers, but rarly resign former position players. lets just hope they resign one more former Dodger, a third baseman.......ok just fricking resign Beltre already!
this also allows the Dodgers to move Carlos Monasterios back to the bullpen for good, which is where he pitches best.
garland isnt going to blow hitters away, or look flashy, he wont pitch Soap Bubbles, or 100 MPH heaters, nor will he be Halladay perfect. He isnt flashy, doesnt stand out, and very solidly and quietly goes about his business. hmmmm sounds like a couple of other veteran back end starter guys that eat up alot of innings, that we have in our rotation. hey there is nothing wrong with collecting arms, while we look for some bats.

now only if the Dodgers would start listening to us more often......enjoy the rest of the holliday weekend everyone, and enjoy the hot stove league transactions! Go Blue!

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