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Sunday, October 3, 2010

peace out 2010 season

Dodgers lineup


Rodrigo Lopez-7-15 5.03 vs. Ted Lilly-6-4 3.75

this disappointing season finally comes to an end today. as the Dodgers and the Dbacks play the final game of the three game series, and the final game of the season. Kind of sad, but here we are.

this will be Torre's final game as manager. im sorry if I dont cry for me argentina. seriously though, goodbye Joe, have a good retirement.

in the lineup furcal is back batting leadoff, but dont expect for him to stick around for more than a couple of at-bats. the dodgers havent been playing him just so he can finish at a .300 avg. right now he is at .301

Ausmus gets to start his final game, after managing on friday night. hes batting 7th, in front of johnson, whos playing in left field.

ted Lilly gets the final start of the year, he is 6-4 since joining the dodgers, he will counter Rodrigo Lopez, "the Zombie" for the dback
if the Dodgers win today they will win their 80th game of the season.


with the padres winning the last two against the giants, and the braves losing the last two to the phillies, several scenerios come into play entering the last game of the season, in order to determine who wins the NL west, and NL Wild Card.

MLB refers to a one game playoff, as a tiebreaker, and since division play began in 1969, there has been 4 tiebreakers in the NL, 3 for the wild card, and 1 for a division. the tiebreaker, is not a playoff game technically it is still part of the regular season, and all stats during the game still count towards their regular season totals. so lets take a look at the scenerios for today.

giants and braves both win.

if this happens there will be no tiebreakers. for the Giants its simple, win and their in. and they win the NL west. now if the Giants win, and the Braves lose, then SD and ATL are tied for the WC and will play a tiebreaker in ATL on monday. if the braves win with the gianst also winning, then ATL wins the WC

padres and braves win

if this happens then things get a little crazy. if the Padres and Braves both win, then all three teams are tied, and there would be two tiebreakers. the first tiebreaker would be played in SD against the padres and giants for the NL west title. the loser would then play the Braves in ATL on tuesday for the NL WC. remember the days of the coin flip are over, and head to head records determine home field for these tiebreakers. with SD holding the season series edge over the Giants, and the BRaves holding the series victory over both the Gianst and Padres.

I have had a blast doing this site. we got started a little late, but over the last couple of months, its been great. just want to thank Stacie, the Dodgers, MLB, and anyone who has actually read this site. im kind of sad the season is over. but we look forward to next year. 2011 here we come!

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