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Saturday, October 2, 2010

cant stop the blue

Dodgers lineup


Joe Saunders 9-16 4.54 vs. Chad Billingsley 11-11 3.61

the dodgers enter the second to last night of the season with a record of 78-82. after last night's embarassment, they are assured of having their first losing season since 2005. very sad, however there is still two games left, so lets finish out this season on a good note shall we boys?

the Dodgers lineup today has Big Rod catching and batting 6th, and Johnson playing left and batting 7th. so expect him to drop or misplay at least two or three out there in left. the useless Hu gets another start.
you know not like it matters but I dont know why Hu keeps getting all this playing time. theres nothing really new to learn about him, hes still useless. would be nice to be able to see hit machine play out the last couple of games wouldnt it?

on a hilarious note Jamey Carroll will be managing today after Ausmas managed last night. I dont know why Torre does this but its kind of ridiculous to me. whos managing tomorrow Joe? the peanut guy? how about the dont stop believin guy from last year? which reminds me whatever happened to that guy? anyone know? maybe the way the dodgers have played this season has scared him away.

also just to make sure that everyone knows and isnt worried, Kershaw did get brad Ausmus something to eat in last nights game.

on a stupid note, this was posted on memoriesofkevinmalone, a quote from Torre about Broxton

"But Torre said he believed Broxton's issues were psychological and that his decline had nothing to do with his usage in the Yankees series. Torre added that at some point, Broxton would have to do some soul-searching if he intended to regain his form. "There are some scrambled eggs up there," Torre said, referring to Broxton's head."

is Torre this stupid? yeah sure Joe purly psychological riiiiiiiight. the guy clearly has no V-energy!

on an awsome note, the Padres won again and coupled with the Braves loss, there still alive and could force a tiebreaker for the NL west title if they win again tomorrow. nothing would be more awsome to watch than an epic Giants collapse knocking them out of the playoffs!

here are the top 5 reasons I want to see the Giants get knocked out of the playoff race.

1.I really really really despise loath the Giants
2.they exist
3.I hate the giants
4.I hate the giants
5.I hate the giants

enough about that, theres a game tonight! so as Vinny would say pull up a chair, because this might be the last chance you have to see the Dodgers for about 4 months.

Ozomatli, "Can't Stop the Blue

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  1. Awesome video!!! Let the good times roll...Go Dodgers Go!!!