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Saturday, October 8, 2011

DBF Joins the Baseball Bloggers Alliance

Stacie and I are very proud and Honored to announce, that we have been accepted into the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA)

The purpose of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) is to foster communication and collaboration amongst bloggers across baseball, increasing understanding and knowledge about the game.

Here is the Link above. The Alliance consists of about 375 blogs now I believe, and continues to grow. fostering a collective collaberation and cooperation amongst all Baseball Bloggers. the BBA also votes on Postseason awards, and votes on a sportswriter of the year.

as the BBA continues to grow, we at DBF look forward to future collaberations and projects with our fellow men and woman members of the BBA.

our good friend Daniel Shoptaw of is the founder and head honcho of the Alliance. there are also many chapter presidents, and we belong to the Los Angeles NL chapter.

we hope to make the BBA proud, as we look forward to our first year in this great organization of Baseball Bloggers.

Stacie and I have been battling the flu, but we will be back very soon with more new posts. were gonna have some very interesting posts coming up, and will update you with any and all Dodger news.

We want to thank you for reading along and being a part of this season with us. keep reading and checking in as we continue to chronicle the Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Seasons.

Thank you BBA! If anyone has any questions or comments please let us know. also you can reach us via email if you would like.

enjoy the rest of the postseason and GO BLUE in 2012!

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